Clever fish for Nestlé Austria

Web-based image creator for Nestlé Austria

An interactive image collage creator for Nestle’s daughter company Purina. The task was to create an interactive tool for visitors to attach an animal’s “Schnauze” (snout) to their selfies. The campaign was used for 3 consecutive years.

  • Simple back-office for image approval
  • Social impact tracking
  • Bulk images export
  • CSV data export
  • Nestle's vulnerability stress-test pass

Empower users, with a modern JavaScript solution, and increase the overall interactions with the end users and the viralability of the campaign.

Image uploader with controls
Purina image processing result

We provided continues support every year such as maintaining mobile compatibility and browser behaviour changes.

The project complies with Nestle's security guidelines and underwent a series of vulnerability scans throughout.

Security scan results