IT Project management

Whether in Vienna or not, depending on demands of your organization or project one of the two PM styles will be more suiting.

Agile and Classic models

We will help you identify the method that works best for your team and project goals.

Below you can find our approach to project management and its methodologies with case-study examples.

Classic Model

Often an organization will have a clear goal for a project, maybe you want to introduce a new process, develop a service, an app or integrate with an existing platform. Classic Project-Management model is oftentimes the right fit to get you where you want.

Case study comments are based on our project for, HR platform for sourcing shortage-occupations to Austria.

Classic Model
Initiation & Planning

If you have a goal in mind, even when the path to it is not clear, we can help you workout a blueprint (wireframe) that will define the scope of the project and help estimate time and resources required to complete it.

Based on a series of meetings with the project initiator and the management we developed a wireframe that visualized new system requirements, outlining user-interfaces, connecting the dots and making an easy-to-understand plan of the client’s original idea.

Helping the client to understand not only how to structure the application technically, but how to arrange the work the user-flow as well.

Execution phase

When it comes to many hours of coding, we can pull the weight. Pretty much any level of complexity, whether you will need behind-the-scenes services that can upload, alert or aggregate data, modern user interface, complex filtering options, secure APIs or 3rd party integrations.

With PersonaliQa we’ve built a 3 layer application (Frontend - API Layer - Backend) that obscures a flexible backend from potential security holes.

We have developed a Front-end that looks and feels like a modern-day web application, with interfaces for job-applicants as well as a number of simple to use admin interfaces for different types of admin users (e.g. Managers, Hiring Companies).

Behind the scenes notifications for Managers and timers to make the process is running smooth.

Closure & handover

Whether you need on-going support or you have your own team taking care of the maintenance, the number of things will be crucial for a clean project closure. Monitoring system and logs, backup plan for static materials, code and your data are an absolute must. We will give not only the finished product but also ways to insure its on-going function in the future.

For PerosnaliQa we were also in charge of setting up the full server infrastructure from configuring VPS to database backup.

To enable smooth running of the application we have set up a direct API with one of the best email solutions, to ensure highest deliverability rate; built a cluster of servers and server images that can be used to re-build server in about 1 minute in case of unforeseen circumstances. Additionally a database backup to a location outside of the main server provider was set up o insure most precious data will not get lost.

Agile Model

We see Agile notably different from the classic model, therefore we do not considered it a pure Project Management method, rather an IT Process structure. Different in size and scale Agile model is a good fit for organizations that have a need for on-going deliverables that can be defined and adjusted on the fly.

Agile Model

To adapt as you go along rather than following a linear path, is a common software development requirement. Our approach is - delivering maximum value for the organization's priorities in the time and budget allowed, especially when the drive to deliver is greater than the risk.

We ran a 6 month Agile project for Petar Petrov - fashion designer based in Vienna, creating partially remote dev team.

These were 6 months of close cooperation and on-going delivering of various functions from redesigning and re-programming of the E-commerce platform, introduction of Apple-pay to integrations with UPS and introducing a warehouse management system that works in sync with the online systems.

Additionally many Google-Sheets integrations were developed for the team, to optimize on-going tasks, like product upload and printing of collection-catalog.

The Agile method allowed the client’s team to be integrated into the product development and provide live feedback to make the delivered functions work for the organization from the day of release.