At Clever Fish, we are driven by vision. In today’s global and ever-changing market place, we offer creative solutions tailored to individual needs of every business.

Our approach is based on understanding the consumer environment and decision-making factors for each client, product, and service. Vision, in all senses of the word, is at the core of our mission – to bring forth each client’s vision by using the most powerful and influential medium – that of sight.

Who we work with

  • Petar Petrov
  • Nestle
  • Neni Am Tisch
  • 4 Jahreszeiten
  • Publishing Group Deluxe
  • Vienna Music Room
  • Mezzanine Management
  • Centris Capital
  • 1979.NYC
  • Enerteq
  • Neue Energie Holding
  • Yellow Mountain Art Collection